Studio Sessions / Dance Therapy

I help women reconnect to their bodies, access their emotional truth, and move with confidence through a form of feminine movement called S Factor

S Factor is described as “a fun sexy workout,” which it is. And you get strong, and you learn tricks, and that’s all good. But there’s a depth to it that drives at the heart of what has been missing from or ignored by our society for a very long time. It’s a safe sacred space with no judgement (and no mirrors) where women can gather in sisterhood and witness each other’s beauty, vulnerability, and expression of emotions and be met with love, acceptance, compassion and encouragement. Women don’t have to compete here. They can come into the studio, drop their armor, and dance their truth– whether it’s sad or dark or innocent or playful or lust-filled – and they are seen as divine. The whole mess– light and dark – all divine – all holy.

Soul Sessions / Intuitive guidance

Like a karmic reboot and a homecoming to your Divine self, Soul Sessions are an invitation to rediscover who you are at soul level. An intuitive reading where we clarify your purpose, identify the energy blocks that may be holding you back, and get you back on track to living your most divine existence. Realign yourself with the true abundance of the universe, open up, and shine. 

This is where the magical and practical meet and offer up an opportunity for epic transformation and personal growth.