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Let me start by reading your mind…


You want clarity, insight, and direction surrounding your life path and soul’s purpose. 

You want unshakeable confidence in your power, inner wisdom, and connection to spirit. 

You want more magic and miracles in your life. You want to witness the abundance of the universe.

You want to own your power, live your magic, and light up the world. 

You want a hot sex life. Like, earth-shattering-seismic-explosion-interplanetary-cosmic-soul-connection kind of hot. I mean… am I right?

You want a healthy body that you love and that feels comfy, yummy, strong, and deliciously magnetic as you walk around in your day to day. 

You want the freedom to express yourself fully. You want to feel good about being the uniquely beautiful unicorn that you are without all that fear, judgement and self-doubt standing in your way.

You want a career that sets you on fire and loves you back so hard that any financial woes you may have previously entertained are now toast.

You want relationships that are rich in intimacy, soulful connection, and love.

You want to clear out all that BS that you’ve been telling yourself for so long about how your life ‘should’ be, and start taking deliberate action in the direction of the most badass love-filled sexy courageous and abundantly joyful life that you can possibly imagine. Finally. For real. Starting today.

Okay ladies, can we get real here for a second?

Can we all agree that righteous sexual healing, a fat juicy paycheck, and feeling healthy and at home in your body sounds freaking phenomenal?

Ok. Just checking.

And what if I told you all those things were your birthright? That we’ve just forgotten how to get back to our natural state of health, wellness, abundance, and sexual fulfillment?

I get it. We’ve got stuff in the way. It’s all the stuff that downplays our power. The illusions that we were somehow born broken, or that we can’t have what we want or we’re not worthy of abundance or beauty, or the voice in our head that says, 'who am I to be brilliant amazing and powerful?'  I get it. I get it because I lived it for waaay too long. Putting my dreams on hold, playing nice, sacrificing for others, and keeping myself small. 

Somewhere along the way we forgot who we are. We traded in our divinity for someone else’s dull picture of what reality 'ought' to look like. 

Not any more. 

 It’s time to shatter these illusions that you tell yourself. It’s time to heal ancient patterns of self-doubt, self-criticism, shame, blame, and guilt. It’s time to know yourself on a deeper level, open up new pathways for growth, raise your conscious awareness, see your body as sacred, and trust your creative power.

If that sounds about right, and you’re wanting to feel way more expansive, powerful, magnetic, fulfilled, sexy, abundant, connected, and wholly divine, then let’s talk about how we can work together to help you get there.

You’ve waiting long enough. Let me help remind you just how amazing you truly are.

You and me, working together to create the life you want:

Soul Awakening / 90 min. foundation session / $250 

Like a karmic reboot and a homecoming to your divine self, the Soul Awakening Session is an invitation to rediscover who you are at soul level. An intuitive reading where we clarify your soul purpose, reconnect to your divine gifts, identify the energy blocks that keep you small, and get you back on track to living your most divine existence. Realign yourself with the true abundance of the universe, open up, and shine. It's where the magical and practical meet and offer up an opportunity for epic transformation and personal growth.


*A Soul Awakening foundation session is required before participation in any Level Two programs. 


Creation Mastermind / 6 week ongoing coaching program / $700 for 3 bi-weekly 1 hour sessions + 3 bi-weekly in-depth email checkins

A deep dive into your own unique soul magic. Choose one juicy thing you’d like to manifest in your life in the next 3-6 months. Discover your unique way of getting sh*t done, and land on a solid plan of action to bring yourself into alignment with your new desired creation. Boom. Together, we’ll clear old patterns that don’t serve you anymore, ground your intention, and shift your consciousness into high gear allowing for personal transformation and the birth of a new creation. 


Sacred Sex & Money Magic/ 1 hour single session / $220

Wait, great sex AND epic cash-flow? Yes, please! Both of these creative energies are undeniably linked. When the current for one is restricted, the other will also suffer. In this session we’ll zero in on the energetic blocks and negative patterns holding you up and get you back in alignment your natural state of divine abundance wherein you are free to create a life rich in soul-fulfilling sex and confident cash-flow. Let’s do this.


Body Bliss / 1 hour single session / $220

Health, wellness and whole body healing. This session is where we delve into desires and intentions surrounding health, wellness, nutrition, beauty, and feeling good in your body. It’s where we begin to unlock patterns of body shame, blocked emotion, and destructive self-judgement. We discard layers of negative programming and realign to our natural state of divine wholeness and body bliss.


Relationship Healing / 1 hour single session / $300

Deep intimacy is attainable when you understand your partner at soul level. This Relationship Healing Session allows you to find out how the divine gifts and soul characteristics of both you and your partner interweave to create their own unique blueprint for interacting with each other. It’s like having an operator’s guide to your special dude or lady. We’ll also identify and energetic blocks between you that may be impeding your desire for growth and soul-connection. 


How does it all work?

You book a session with me and I connect with you to confirm our meet up over the phone, Skype, or in-person. I'll have you send me some information about the situation you are currently experiencing along with the intention of what it is you'd like to create in your life moving forward, and then I'll get started with your reading. We'll connect at our scheduled time to go over the reading and get clear on a new plan of action for you to realign to your desired creation.

Quick side note, loves: I may hand you a golden lottery ticket worth billions, but until you actually step up and claim your prize, you ain’t gonna get squat. All of this is to say that this work does require some effort on your part. Let’s just say that the “magic button” is pushed when you to show up and take ownership of your experience. You will shift into a new highly conscious version of you. It will be awesome. It will also be scary for your ego. It’s okay. Your ego is like a lovely but over-protective parent who’s just trying to keep you safe. Bless it and keep moving in the direction of your best self. You can do this. I’ll be there to help.


Who am I?

Hi! I'm Laura! I'll be your guide on this wild adventure of self-discovery and soul-centered manifestation. It's going to be amazing.

I'm an intuitive energy healer who draws on the Akashic Records to incite personal growth and conscious transformation. I'm an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, a Certified S Factor Feminine Movement Instructor, and a graduate of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. I'm also a dancer, writer, wife, mama, + channel for radical love and light. Need more bio? Here you go!

I figure if the world is going to be saved by women (as His Holiness the Dalai Lama says it is), then let’s get on it! If I can help women reconnect to their power and remember how amazing they are, then I feel like it’s a step in the right direction. Because what I know to be undeniably true is that when a woman turns herself on, she lights up the world.

Are you ready? I can't wait to meet you. 

Questions? Connect with me here. Let's chat.