Like a karmic reboot and a homecoming to your Divine self, Soul Sessions are an invitation to rediscover who you are at soul level. An intuitive reading where we clarify your purpose, identify the energy blocks that may be holding you back, and get you back on track to living your most divine existence. Realign yourself with the true abundance of the universe, open up, and shine. It's where the magical and practical meet and offer up an opportunity for epic transformation and personal growth.

Soul Session / Awakening //  90 minute foundation session  $220

Always drawn to the spiritual path, I've worked with many coaches, healers, and energy workers. In early 2016 a friend did an akashic records reading for me and I was astounded by the accuracy and insight it offered. It wasn't just an information download– it was a practical list of action steps I could take to shift my energy and create abundance immediately. It was by far the most efficient and effective personal growth process I've undergone. Which is why I started studying how to give these readings in order to offer guidance to other people so they can identify what's holding them back and begin making real tangible change in their lives. 

When you access new levels of energetic awareness, you become empowered to realign to what is in your highest good in every choice moving forward. 

If you're ready for some righteous healing through conscious awareness, I'm here to help.