photo by Ariana Pritchard

I help women reconnect to their bodies, access their emotional truth, and move with confidence through a form of feminine movement called S Factor

S Factor is described as “a fun sexy workout,” which it is. And you get strong, and you learn tricks, and that’s all good. But there’s a depth to it that drives at the heart of what has been missing from or ignored by our society for a very long time. It’s a safe sacred space with no judgement (and no mirrors) where women can gather in sisterhood and witness each other’s beauty, vulnerability, and expression of emotions and be met with love, acceptance, compassion and encouragement. Women don’t have to compete here. They can come into the studio, drop their armor, and dance their truth– whether it’s sad or dark or innocent or playful or lust-filled – and they are seen as divine. The whole mess– light and dark – all divine – all holy.

Yes, there is a pole, but it’s not really about the pole. The pole is just another surface to dance on. It's more about the reconnection to body rather than the achievement of tricks. The pole is just a tool to help you get you where you want to go. A place for you to flip, fly, twirl and reach new heights. 

The movement is uniquely feminine. Flowing and circular and fiery and lush. It’s all spontaneous. Body-Led. Most of the movement available out there in the world is very masculine (linear and structured) – yoga, pilates, running, cycling, ballet, you name it. It’s kind of revolutionary to learn how to move your body in the ways it was always meant to move – to own your body without shame– booty, breasts, hips, belly, all the curves that have been negated by linear masculine movement for so long. It takes some getting used to. (And there’s a LOT of emotion stored in there) But once it happens, you start to finally- FINALLY- feel at home in your body. Like it makes sense now and you know how to use this glorious machine with all its miraculous features that other people kept telling you were maybe obscene or dangerous. It makes a big difference feeling comfortable in your skin. Now there’s confidence. Now there’s trust. Now there’s ownership and power.

Having a place to go where you can practice being sexy and make it fun and silly and playful is really amazing. Women want to know how to be sexy, but they aren’t aware that the superficial sexy they see in ads or wherever is vastly different than the deep soulful sexy that they actually desire. And that requires connection to your body and its wisdom, stepping into your truth, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and allowing your body to lead you to your next awakening. And the soulful sexy comes from knowing who you are and what you want. This practice can take you there if you let it.

Are you ready for some fun?