The thing about being a writer is that, if you’re going to do it, like DO it, you have to actually write more than once every three months. In fact, you have to write every single goddamned day. Y’know… like, if you’re going to be a professional about it. If it’s going to be your job, as in, what you DO.

And herein lies my problem. Because, as it is currently, I have never even managed once-a-week status in my entire blogging career, so… every damn day seems a bit, oh, pretentious, ridiculous, and whatever other lie I would love to tell myself right there to neatly erase the actual aching need to make this a necessary and possibly painful practice. Like, on the daily.

Holy moses. How scary is that? Exciting. Terrifying. Tremendous if it goes well. Big bag of cat piss if it don’t. Fun experiment though, wouldn’t you say? Why not give it a go? Things will shake loose undoubtedly. And shit’ll get messy and vulnerable and nutso, and we’ll all just move through it boldly and without regret. Because, that’s the point, right? To keep going. To dance through the fire and let all of that momentum fan our flames until we are so bright astronauts mistake us for the sun. 

Yep. So that’s my plan. Come hell or high water I will be writing. Every. Damn. Day. The posts will be shorter (or longer, who knows!) and more frequent (Tuesdays and Fridays. AGHH!). It’s an experiment in living fully. And something I’ve been waiting for my whole life.

*Deep breath*