Resistance is Fertile

I know, you think I messed that up don’t you? Didn’t she mean to say “Resistance is futile?” 

Nope. I meant fertile. 

Let me explain.

But first, a story.

I was in Barnes & Noble the other day and I came across a series of business books by Dan Roam. I had not heard of him before and my first reaction to his seemingly childish covers was to spit. Yeah. That’s pretty messed up right? Not very ladylike. But I kept going because there was something about these books drawing me in like a tractor beam. My resistance radar flipped way on, and as I thumbed through the pages of his succinctly intelligent, well-thought out and impactful books, I felt my hatred sky rocket. Who IS this guy? How DARE he be this smart and talented and successful? He’s taken ALL the excellent ideas and left me bereft. Jerk! 

And then I did the only plausible thing I could think of at the time and I yanked his book off the shelf, trotted over to the cashier lady and paid good clean hard cash for it. 

Yep. I sure did. And let me tell you, it’s been a highly worthy investment. You see, I know that whenever something gets me so riled up and rebellious, it’s probably because I’m in a desperate need to check myself. 

Checking myself means ferreting out the root of my insistent resistance. It means not stopping at NO. If I stop at NO, I cut myself off to growth. If I tackle my resistance head on, I just might get a glimpse of something painful but very telling about myself. For me, in the bookstore, I was able to go deeper into the cave and find the root of my resistance. My jealousy was grounded in my own fears of scarcity– not feeling good enough and not feeling like there’s enough to go around. 

If I had stopped at that initial NO, I would have missed out on the lesson. AND I would’ve missed out on a really insightful book that I now cherish and that’s helping me make my business and life better.

Resistance is fertile. It shines a light on whatever is holding you back and it allows you an opportunity for growth. I like to say that “What we resist, is often what we need.”

This is bass-ackwards thinking. Or “creative” thinking as I prefer to call it. It’s unexpected. It’s not logical, and that’s why it is a secret weapon. 

So next time you are smacked in the face with resistance, I urge you that before thou dost wreck thyself, you will rather check yourself, and go deeper into the cave that holds the root of your fear to see what might in fact be a marvelous boon to your existence, once you get your big loud ego out of the way.

Then dance. 

Y’know... to make it all official.