Hello, my name is Laura. And I'm a closet badass.

Any other ladies out there feel the same?

I just finished my Fascination Advantage Test, and my results pegged me as "The Secret Weapon. Equal parts mystique and rebellion." This lead me to thinking- YES! Of course I am The Secret Weapon! You never see me coming, and then BAM- my inherent badassness kicks you in the face like a thousand rainbow ninjas. And you're left wondering what the hell was that? and may I please have another?

I have to say that my skills in badassery were finely honed growing up as a little girl in Texas, where knowing how to properly gut a fish, or pick out gunshot from your barbecued dove breast was commonplace. But somewhere around 12 or 13, my badassness took a back seat to the girlie cuteness and sugary goodness phase of my teendom. In it's place plopped a rather awkward sense of "what the hell do I do with this body" and "how can I become either completely invisible, or at least as utterly normal as possible."

The collegiate experimental years saw flashes of badassdom, but not until my glorious 30's have I truly embodied the kickass ninja minx that I was born to be. Now, this does not mean I walk around 100% badass 100% of the time. It's way more closeted than that. But, hell, I'm totally making progress in slowly but surely easing her out of that confined space... and damn if it doesn't feel good. And, really, what is badass anyway, if not feeling radiantly awesome in your own skin?

So now I'm starting to see, and imbibe, and own this marvelously freeing paradox. The badassness AND the cuteness. The sweetness AND the hotness. It's all in there. And it's all right. And the more I trust that what's in there is enough- the more badass I feel.

So even though the world outside might want to put a nice succinct label on you, please know that you are not bound to their limited definitions. You, dear one, can be whatever you want to be. Walt Whitman once said "Do I contradict myself? Well then, I contradict myself. I contain multitudes." I say, Amen Walt Whitman. You are singing my song. And that is badass.