the short story

Ever seen a woman walk into the room and time just stops while she draws in all the attention like a magnet? Like, queen energy. Like, cosmic confidence and infinite grace energy. Yeah… that’s what I want women to feel. 

I see so many women holding back, playing small, conforming, constricting. I want to help them remember who they really are– expansive, divine, powerful creators of their own experience.

I help women reconnect body and soul. I do this through feminine movement and intuitive guidance sessions. I also write things. Whatever needs to come out. 

I love nightswimming, the smell of rain, belly laughs, the way my baby boy says “up!” when I peak over his crib in the mornings, those cauliflower dealies that are basically fractal geometry in vegetable form, movies that include Michael Fassbender, love notes, good coffee, campfires, fireflies, and starling murmurations (look it up. no, really, it's amazing). 

the long story

I grew up in Austin and then moved to New York in 2001. I spent many years at a desk letting my brain get stimulated by some truly exciting graphic design work whilst my body slowly died a little more each day as she was forced to sit, stay, and be quiet. At some point along the way I dropped into an S Factor class and everything shifted. On the surface, the class was pole fitness. I got a good workout while learning some sexy dance moves. It was cheeky, fun, and a little taboo. But I quickly realized, there was something different going on here– in that dimly lit room, with no mirrors, here was a group of women of all colors, age, and sizes who embraced their vulnerability, expressed their emotions, moved without fear of judgment, took up space, and were met with love, acceptance, compassion, and encouragement. This class became my sanctuary– a sacred place to commune with the Divine Feminine in all it’s forms, reconnect to my body, and own my truth. Be it messy, tender, fierce or fiery, this truth set me free.

In the summer of 2014 I went through teacher training and became an S Factor instructor in the New York studio. I also became pregnant with my little boy. Coincidence? I think not. I danced and taught as much as I could up until my ninth month, and then had the most wildly feminine experience of my life birthing a tiny human being in my home. After many months of baby bliss (and legit insanity, I’m not gonna lie), I started teaching again. The body confidence, processing of emotions, and sisterhood was incredibly therapeutic and revolutionary for me. In January of 2016, my little boy Wyatt, my incredibly talented and stunningly handsome husband James, and I moved back to Austin after 15 years of Brooklyn hustle. Feels good to be home. 

Always drawn to the spiritual path, I've worked with many coaches, healers, and energy workers. I became certified to give Akashic records readings and that became the catalyst into a deeper well of self knowledge and journeys into the mystical and metaphysical. Coaching became a natural progression for me as I loved reminding people of their innate power and wisdom so they could heal and transform their lives for the better.

Throughout this process I could see the natural combination of both of these modalities– the body work and the spirit work. I feel like the conscious awareness we bring to our spiritual self has an opportunity to become integrated into our physical being. This way we can embody all that powerful juicy spiritual wisdom we tend to keep locked up in our mental body by bringing it into our physical existence.