I started SS Muse as an outlet for sharing my thoughts, writings, and stories about what it means to be a woman. Which scares the crap out of me and excites me at the same time. But the intention is– if I do a good job telling my journey, then maybe some of y'all out there will gain some shred of freedom, beauty, permission, love, or healing from it and begin to share your own stories, reach your full potential, and live your best life. I also wanted a place to put my gathered learnings and fascinations of things that blow my mind, like– Joan of Arc, circular rainbows, seals who think they're human, holistic dentists, or those zen running monks who run for weeks on end without stopping. Because that stuff reminds me to lighten up and just enjoy this crazy amazing phenomenal life while we have it.  

photos by Mark Mann

photos by Mark Mann


Laura Victore was born and raised in Austin, Texas– one of the last true natives. She graduated from UT, and promptly moved up to New York City to attend even more school, this time for graphic design, at the School of Visual Arts. While there, she fell madly in love with one of her teachers and they were married at a barbecue restaurant. Laura + James currently live happily ever after in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where they run a kickass design studio called Victore Productions. Laura is stepmom to Luca, who truly is the cutest and coolest teenager in the whole wide world, with or without his mustache. And she's also  proud new mom to the tiniest dancer Wyatt Cecil, who has stolen her heart entirely.  In the past, Laura has done thrilling graphic design work for such companies as Isaac Mizrahi, kate spade, and Victoria's Secret. She has also been an extra in an Academy Award winning short film, steered the UT Rowing team to a national championship win, knows how to properly filet a trout mid-stream, and has been known to get pretty religious about her Sunday afternoon pole dancing class. Basically, she's a creative force of nature– irrepressible and untamed. Which brings us to the name, Sacred Sexy Muse. Laura thinks that if all women considered themselves sacred and sexy, then the power generated would be so insanely amazing that we might just be able to heal ourselves and the planet to boot.